• Amber Piercings

Aftercare Instructions


-2-3 times a day: With clean hands, spray your piercing with pre-made Saline Aftercare Spray. Keep the area free of contaminants such cosmetics, lotions,and hair products.

Oral piercings: rinse with a saline or other gentle alcohol free oral rinse after eating, drinking, or putting anything other than clean water in your mouth.

DO NOT: use q-tips, cloth towels, or paper products on piercing. These products can leave behind cotton, fibers, or bacteria.

DO NOT: Pick at your piercing. (Clean dried discharge away gently with saline and sterile gauze.)


DO NOT: Touch That Piercing: Hands are covered in germs. Millions of them. Every time you touch that piercing you are transferring germs to it. You will probably get an infection.

DO NOT Twist or Turn Jewelry : The old advice about turning piercings is based on outdated and false information.

DO NOT: Use First Aid Products or Soaps: NEVER use alcohol, peroxide, neosporin, bactine, vaseline,benzalkonium chloride (BZK or "ear care solution" that you often get from mall ear piercing stores or kiosks), Betadine, Hibiclens, Tea Tree Oil, or soap on your piercing. These are all too harsh for cleaning your piercing.

DO NOT: Listen to that "Helpful Advice." Direct any and all questions to your piercer. Your friends and family mean well, but they are not professional piercers. (Do listen to your doctor though.)

DO NOT: Sleep on your piercing. Sleeping on it can cause a piercing to shift, heal improperly, form bumps, get infected, and a lot of other issues.

DO: Wipe your phone, headphones and things that contact ears piercings regularly with a disinfectant wipe multiple times a day or launder pillowcases, hats that contact piercings regularly.

DO: Consult a Doctor. If you are experiencing symptoms of an infection, please consult a doctor as soon as possible. Piercers are not medical professionals and while we offer aftercare suggestions based on industry standard protocol, we cannot, do not, and will not offer medical advice.

DO: Hydrate, eat well balanced meals and take care of your body.

DO: Talk to your piercer about when it's appropriate to downsize your jewelry.

DO: Consult your piercer.

If you have excessive swelling and feel you need longer jewelry. Some people do swell more than average and your piercer can help you with that.

Is This Normal?

- Swelling, bleeding, soreness, mild redness and minor discharge is normal.

-Excessive discharge, bleeding, swelling, and pus are not normal.

- Oral piercings can swell more than other piercings and genital piercings can bleed heavily for a few days and this is normal.

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