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Welcome to Peaceful Piercings, located in Monroe N.C.'s custom tattoo shop, The House of Ink. I'm Amber, founder of Peaceful Piercings and resident piercer at The House of Ink for many years.
  My approach to piercing is client centered, focusing on your emotions in conjunction with your body.
 I know that getting pierced can be anxiety inducing and I want to bring you into the experience informed, confident, and peaceful.  I will always answer all questions honestly to help quell those anxieties. I will never minimize or dismiss your concerns.   I help lead you through the experience by describing what I'm doing as it happens and helping you breathe properly to minimize the pain you experience.  I continually check in with you, always  aware of what you are experiencing physically and mentally throughout the process so I can help you overcome any discomfort or anxiety that arises.   I empower you to take control of your body and emotions throughout so that  together we can achieve the piercings you dream of in the most peaceful and respectful way possible.


Amber is in the studio most Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. She will accept walk ins, time permitting, but highly recommends an appointment to guarantee you get a spot and to limit wait time as she gets extremely busy. Jewelry Changes and Downsizes are only performed on Mondays and Thursdays unless you've prearranged a weekend visit with her. 


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Have questions that aren't answered by the FAQ section below? I have answers. Get in touch today.

1562 W.Roosevelt Blvd
Monroe NC 28110

980 428 9360

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

How much do your piercings cost? 

Most piercings start at $30 with basic jewelry. Some exceptions are Industrials, which start at $40, Paired Nostrils, Forward Facing Nostrils, and High Nostrils which start at $70 for the pair, Dermals which start at $40, and Genitals which start at $60. Lobes start at $80 for the pair and are only pierced with high quality threadless titanium. All piercings have the option to upgrade the jewelry, so your final price will depend on jewelry choice.

How can I make an appointment?

The easiest way is to use the Book Now buttons on this site. If you  are unable to do that you can message me here or text me at 980 428 9360. You can also call the shop I work out of, The House of Ink, at 704 289 4465 on Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday between 2-5 but we are a very busy shop, and getting through might be difficult at times. (If the Book Now button is not functioning for you the direct link is )

What are your age and ID requirements? 

Most piercings can be done at 13 and up with a parent or legal guardian present to sign the consent form. 5 and up for earlobes.Minors CAN NOT get nipple or genital piercings even with a parent's consent. Dermals and Industrial are limited to 16 and up. 

ID requirements 

18 or older you need one of the following:

Government Issued Photo ID, including but not limited to:

Driver License

Learner Permit w/Photo

Military or Military Dependant ID

Green Card

Mexican Consular ID or Similar

Tribal Photo ID cards


Minors: Parent or Legal Guardian must be present in the building to sign the consent form. They must remain with with the minor at ALL Times. 

UNDER 18 with a custodial PARENT to sign the consent form you need the following :

PARENT must have one form of ID listed above


YOU must have one form of ID listed above with the last name/address matching your parent's


PARENT must have one form of ID listed above


YOU must have your long form birth certificate with your parent's name as it appears on their ID.

If their name has changed then documentation showing the change must be shown (marriage certificate, divorce decree etc).

UNDER 18 with a LEGAL GUARDIAN to sign the consent form you must have the following:

LEGAL GUARDIAN must have one form of ID listed above


Legal documentation proving Legal Guardianship.


YOU must have one form of ID listed above or birth certificates

Legal guardian means someone legally appointed you guardians, not just someone you live with. If you do not have paperwork to prove guardianship we can not let them sign for you. 

How are you managing Covid? 

I voluntarily suspended my services one week before there was a mandated shut down out of an abundance of caution, and remained shut down completely for the first 6 months of the pandemic because I felt it was prudent to do so. Once I returned to work I followed all state mandates and CDC recommendations regarding Covid in order to keep my clients and myself safe. I also reduced my hours of operation from 5 days a week to 2 and operated by appointment only to reduce foot traffic in the shop. I suspended all services that require removing the mask until I was fully vaccinated and the state's covid metrics decreased sufficiently enough to make it safer for everyone to resume.  Once I was fully vaccinated I returned to full operation but continued requiring masks and wearing one myself. I installed HEPA filter air purifiers in both the piercing room and the main shop that are rated for spaces twice the size of the ones they are in to help reduce both viral particles and other air pollutants in the air. All surfaces have always been cleaned both before and after each client and all tools and jewelry have always been autoclaved to sterilize them before use.

 Masks were required for all my clients and their accompanying guests regardless of vaccination status until vaccinations were widely available. 

I will continue to wear a mask until vaccines are available for all ages.

 I also continually get tested for covid on a regular basis to ensure I am not an asymptomatic carrier.  

Do you take walk ins? 

I will if I have time, but it is never guaranteed I will have time if I am booked for the day, and the wait time can be long as appointments will always be taken first. I do my very best to get to everyone but I am only human and can only do so much. Also I do not always work specific hours, if I don't have any appointments I am not guaranteed to be in the shop, so making an appointment will be the best way to ensure you get a spot and minimize your wait time. 

What are your qualifications and how much experience do you have? 

I've been in the piercing industry since 2004. I follow the highest industry protocols for sterilization and use top quality material's such as titanium and gold to ensure you have the safest experience possible. All needles and jewelry are sterile single use. All reusable tools such as clamps go through a 4 step disinfection process including hand scrubbing, an ultrasonic cycle with enzymatic cleaner, a soak in a disinfectant liquid. and an autoclave sterilization cycle using pressure, heat and steam to sterilize.  I use 2 state of the art autoclaves, an Enbio S purchased new in April 2022 and a Tuttnauer purchased new in November 2020 that are spore tested monthly to sterilize all jewelry and clamps. I am Blood Borne Pathogen, CPR, First Aid, and Stop the Bleed certified, and have obtained additional training from World Health Organization on Proper PPE Use, Cross Contamination Prevention, Infection Prevention and Control, Hand Hygiene, Proper Decontamination and Sterilization of Medical Devices and Tools, Proper Autoclave Use and Maintenance, Covid Prevention Protocols, Needlestick Prevention, Workplace Safety, Microbiology, Mask Usage during Covid,  and Disinfectant Chemical Use and Storage, and training on disinfectant soaks from Barbicide. While I was in college, before deciding to change majors to pursue my history and psychology degrees, I took many anatomy, physiology, biology, and microbiology courses so I have extensive knowledge of the human body, microbes, pathogens, and infectious disease.

Do you carry aftercare products? 

Yes, I carry NeilMed Piercing Aftercare Spray. After much research and many trials with my own piercings this is the brand I've come to trust the most.

Can you make a tattoo appointment for me? 

I'm sorry no, I don't tattoo and this site is for scheduling piercings only. Please visit the House of Ink's Facebook page to message them or call the shop at 704 289 4465 to make an appointment.

Do you pierce baby earlobes? 

I'm sorry but I don't pierce earlobes for anyone under 5 and they have to be able to use their specific form of communication to express their desire to get the piercing. I will only pierce a child's lobes if they give enthusiastic consent and I will not pierce hem if they express a wish to stop at any point. If I feel they are being pressured, coerced or in any way forced to continue I will not pierce them if they do not wish it. Parents must understand that this sometimes means a child will leave without a piercing or with only one lobe pierced because in my room the child is the only one that can decide what happens to their body. 

What forms of payment do you accept? 

I accept all major debit and credit cards, Apple pay and Gpay through Square, which allows for tap to pay, and cash.  I no longer accept Venmo or Cashapp. 

Are there piercings you don't do?

I will not do any piercings that are unsafe or ill suited to your anatomy and will not successfully heal. I never do horizontal/surface tongue or lip piercings, hand or foot piercings or dermals, lip or tongue webbing, gums, cheeks, eyelids, or any other experimental or unsafe piercings. 

Can my friends come watch me get pierced? 

Of course! You can bring 1 person into the room with you for moral support provided they can watch quietly so as not to cause a distractions. Children under 10 are not allowed in the piercing room unless they are the ones receiving the piercing or jewelry service. Please bring someone with you to watch your young children while they are waiting in the lobby.

Can I record? 

You are welcome to take photos before and after but phones must be put away during the piercing procedure as they are very distracting to both piercing artist and client. We appreciate your cooperation in helping maintain a safer environment for everyone. 

Is your space accessible?

Our shop and restroom are wheelchair accessible. If you require other accommodations please don't hesitate to contact me and I am happy to work with you to make my services accessible.

"I messaged you but you didn't answer!" 

My phone hours for responding to messages on my days off are from 12-7pm and I do not respond on Sundays. I do not typically respond to messages outside of my phone hours with rare exceptions because when I am not in the studio I am busy being a mom. If you message me outside of those hours I will respond to you during my active phone hours when I turn off Do Not Disturb.  If you messaged me when I'm in the studio and I don't  respond it's because I am so busy that I sometimes don't look at my phone for the entire time I am there. I will return your message when I have a chance. If you need an immediate answer while I am in the studio please call 704 289 4465 and ask to speak to Chasiti, she can answer most questions.    

I got a piercings somewhere else and now I have a problem with it. can you help me?

I absolutely can try. While all follow up questions and troubleshooting for piercings I have performed is offered as a free service, any troubleshooting consultations for piercings performed by others are $15. If a jewelry change is recommended the $15 fee will be applied towards the cost of any jewelry  purchaser you choose to make.