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Welcome to Peaceful Piercings, located in Monroe N.C.'s custom tattoo shop, The House of Ink. I'm Amber, founder of Peaceful Piercings and resident piercer at The House of Ink for many years.
  My approach to piercing is client centered, focusing on your emotions in conjunction with your body.
 I know that getting pierced can be anxiety inducing and I want to bring you into the experience informed, confident, and peaceful.  I will always answer all questions honestly to help quell those anxieties. I will never minimize or dismiss your concerns.   I help lead you through the experience by describing what I'm doing as it happens and helping you breathe properly to minimize the pain you experience.  I continually check in with you, always  aware of what you are experiencing physically and mentally throughout the process so I can help you overcome any discomfort or anxiety that arises.   I empower you to take control of your body and emotions throughout so that  together we can achieve the piercings you dream of in the most peaceful and respectful way possible.

Image of a left ear pierced in the top outer cartilage area with a piece of jewelry consisting of 5 white opals of varying sizes bezel set  in titanium

Amber is in the studio most Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. She will accept walk ins, time permitting, but highly recommends an appointment to guarantee you get a spot and to limit wait time as she gets extremely busy. Jewelry Changes and Downsizes are only performed on Mondays and Thursdays unless you've prearranged a weekend visit with her. 


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1562 W.Roosevelt Blvd
Monroe NC 28110

Call: 704 289 4465

Text:980 428 9360

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