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NIce to meet you!

HI, I'm Amber, I've been in the piercing industry since 2004. I've been in the piercing industry since 2004.

I founded Peaceful Piercings in 2020 because I felt Union County and surrounding areas was lacking a truly safe, inclusive, and welcoming studio that offered gorgeous body safe jewelry and a truly skilled and knowledgeable piercer with  the training to offer not only quality piercings, but also the ability to lead people through the experience in a way that minimized discomfort and maximized knowledge. 

My specialties include piercing the everyone in a way that empowers them, leading people of all ages with anxiety through the procedure in a calm and anxiety reducing manner, being trauma informed, and having the Mental Health First Aid training and CPR/First Aid training to assist someone someone if they have a physical or emotional reaction to the experience.

 Children 5 and up find having their lobes pierced by me to be an easy and fun experience because it's like being pierced by Ms Frizzle, who gives them a toy and a lollipop ,and I always explain everything, ask their permission and put them in control of thiei bodies. 

I also have degrees in History and Political Science with a minor in Psychology. I went to grad school with aspirations to get a PhD and become a professor but once I started teaching as a TA I ultimately decided that I preferred piercing and that teaching was not one of my strengths.

 I'm also a wife and mother, as well as a cat and dog mom. 

 I strive to make everyone I meet feel welcome, safe, and comfortable. I try to always put my ego aside and remember that every person on earth is just doing their best to survive this thing we call life and that if we show a little empathy and compassion for one another and try to give one another grace, it'll make it easier for us all to get through it.

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